Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverter Melbourne

Extraordinary microinverter technology backed by trusted Californian tech leadership.

Discover Enphase IQ7: the high-efficiency, smart grid-ready inverter solution for your solar system.

Introducing the Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverter Melbourne homeowners and businesses alike trust for its seamless design, extraordinary efficiency and flawless aesthetics. For trusted advice and to learn more about the full range of Enphase solar products, reach out to Uncommon Solar’s expert solar team today on 1300 414 012.

Industry-leading technology backed by an outstanding global reputation of more than 20 years.

Enphase Energy stands as an eminent clean energy technology leader, distinguishing itself through innovative and unique microinverter-based solar and battery systems.

The company’s inception in 2006 marked a significant turning point for the solar sector, with its pioneering micro-inverter technology that remains the industry standard. All products within the Enphase Energy System effortlessly harmonise with  a wide range of solar battery storage solutions, empowering users to efficiently control solar energy via app, offering the ability to generate, save, consumer or even sell the electricity produced.

Beyond microinverters, Enphase offers an array of solar-related products, including batteries, EV chargers, communication systems, and accessories, coupled with a smart app for seamless control. All Enphase solar technology is revered across the world for its innovation and excellence, as installers and consumers harness some of the most advanced solar solutions available.

Enphase’s distinction stems from its customer-centric values, integrity, and high-quality products. With millions of homes served across nearly 150 countries, Enphase propels clean, renewable energy adoption while fostering employment opportunities, steering us towards a carbon-free future.

Through its transformative microinverter technology, pioneering app, and widespread adoption worldwide, Enphase is catalysing a solar-powered revolution, positioning itself as a frontrunner in shaping our shared energy future.

Learn more about Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverters by giving our friendly Uncommon Solar team a call on 1300 414 012.

Enphase IQ7 Inverter Melbourne

Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverter Installer

Why choose Enphase IQ7 solar microinverters?

Looking for a trusted Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverter Installer that’s certified by Enphase itself? Uncommon Solar is proud to offer Enphase IQ7, a pinnacle of microinverter technology that has established itself as the quintessential choice for modern solar systems:


Boasting peak efficiency of 97.6%, IQ7 ensures optimal energy conversion, maximising your solar potential and redefining the boundaries of performance.
Smart grid-compatible:

Compliant with rapid shutdown codes and smart inverter regulations, IQ7 enhances safety and grid reliability, aligning with evolving industry standards.
Seamlessly flexible installation:

Embrace an effortless installation journey with IQ7 micro-inverters. Their adaptability, shade resilience, and flexible array design make them the unrivalled choice for grid-tie systems.
Optimised performance, versatile design:

IQ7 revolutionises your solar experience by efficiently managing power production. Its compatibility spans 60-cell and 72-cell modules, enabling a diverse selection for your system.
Easy monitoring:

While offering ease of installation, IQ7 empowers users with real-time insights. With a dedicated light indicator, monitoring system health becomes intuitive.
Modular and scalable:

IQ7 is your gateway to flexibility. Start with a single panel and expand your solar setup according to your budget, without compromising efficiency or performance.

Confused? Let us help.

Enphase offers four microinverter models across the IQ7 range: the IQ7, IQ7+ IQ7A and the IQ7X. To discuss which is best-suited to your needs, just give our friendly Enphase Certified Installer Uncommon Solar a call today.

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Enphase IQ7 Solar Inverter.


10 years manufacturer warranty Ask us about the 25 year warranty


Superior shade tolerance


Integrates with Enphase IQ Battery

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