Enphase IQ8HC Solar Inverter Melbourne

Unparalleled efficiency with guaranteed reliability during an outage. That’s Enphase IQ8HC.

Free yourself from the grid and discover the revolutionary Enphase IQ8HC microinverter today.

Delivering unprecedented build quality, scalability and future-proofed flexibility, Uncommon Solar is proud to recommend the Enphase IQ8HC Solar Inverter Melbourne homeowners trust. To learn more, make contact with Uncommon Solar’s certified Enphase solar install team today on 1300 414 012.

Plan your solar future with confidence, care of Enphase’s best-in-breed microinverter technology.

Propelled by its steadfast commitment to revolutionise clean energy throughout the world, Enphase has taken the reins as an industry-leading superpower in the clean energy revolution.

Founded in the global tech capital of California in 2006, Enphase’s pioneering spirit has redefined the solar industry and elevated the benefits of solar technology to all-new heights. Upholding a mission of empowering a sustainable future for all solar consumers, Enphase envisions a world where solar power takes centre stage.

At its core, Enphase places emphasis on customer-centricity, integrity, innovation, teamwork, and quality – all values of which are shared by our award-winning Enphase Platinum Installer team at Uncommon Solar.

The company’s revolutionary and unparalleled IQ8HC solar microinverters exemplify these principles. Redefining the extent to which your solar system functions, Enphase IQ8HC solar inverters boast exceptional capabilities, introducing Enphase’s extraordinary grid-agnostic technology that enhances your energy resilience and expands backup capacity beyond belief.

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Enphase IQ8HC Solar Inverter Installer

Why choose Enphase IQ8HC solar microinverters?

If you’ve been searching for an Enphase IQ8HC Solar Inverter Installer you can trust, go no further than our award-winning Uncommon Solar team – one of only a handful of Enphase Certified Installers in Victoria with over 10 years experience.

At Uncommon Solar, we’re proud to recommend the Enphase IQ8HC microinverter – a feat of contemporary technology that offers you unprecedented, grid-agnostic functionality for a future-proofed home and business.

Here’s what makes IQ8HC different:

Supreme energy efficiency:

The IQ8HC solar inverter optimises energy conversion, ensuring you make the most of every sun-soaked moment.
Advanced communication:

Featuring Enphase Ensemble™ technology, IQ8HC microinverters offer real-time communication and system management, allowing you to monitor and control your solar energy usage.
Seamless system integration:

The IQ8HC microinverter seamlessly integrates with the Enphase IQ Battery storage system, enabling efficient energy storage for round-the-clock power supply.
Durable and reliable:

Purposefully designed for longevity, the IQ8HC microinverter boasts robust construction and weather resistance, ensuring consistent performance over time.
The ultimate in flexibility:

The IQ8HC microinverter introduces flexibility by expanding backup capacity, offering unmatched autonomy in utilising solar energy.
Industry-leading warranty:

Enphase IQ8HC microinverters come complete with a 15-year parts warranty developed to meet the performance warranty of most solar panels.

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Enphase IQ8HC Solar Inverter.


15 years manufacturer warranty Ask us about the 25 year warranty


Safe AC design. No high voltage DC


Integrates with Enphase IQ Battery

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