Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter Melbourne

European innovation with a 30-year track record of solar excellence!

Discover the ultimate in backup power solutions with Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid.

Discover the Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter Melbourne homeowners and business-owners trust for its outstanding quality, design, and reliability. To discuss your specific solar needs, reach out to Uncommon Solar’s installation team today on 1300 414 012.

Outstanding backup solutions from the company with over three decades of solar expertise.

As a company, Fronius embodies an enduring passion for innovation, shaped since 1945 by new technologies, profound research, and groundbreaking solutions.

As a global technological leader, Fronius is continually pioneering inventive methods for monitoring and controlling energy across all elements of energy-efficient tech including welding technology, photovoltaics, and solar battery charging.

Beyond conquering these shared challenges, Fronius’ global leadership in solar technology innovation is fuelled by a clear vision, tireless inventiveness, and an unwavering commitment to quality, enabling the company as a whole to redefine possibilities and shape a more energy-efficient market for all solar consumers.

With products that inspire confidence, Fronius generates enthusiasm across generations, sustaining productivity, elevating energy yields, and reducing operational costs. Stemming from this mission is Fronius’ outstanding range of Primo Gen 24 solar inverters – more on these incredible units below.

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Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter Installer

Why purchase Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid solar inverters ?

Have you been on the look-out for a trusted Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter Installer in Melbourne?

At Uncommon Solar, we’re proud to partner with Fronius to deliver the ultimate in solar inverter technology to our valued family of customers – both homeowners and business-owners alike.

Here’s what makes Fronius Gen 24 Plus Hybrid solar inverters the choice of many of our customers:

Hybrid excellence:

What truly sets the GEN 24 Hybrid Plus apart is its singular focus on hybrid functionality, offering both dynamic energy transformation and backup capabilities.
Seamless synchronisation:

The GEN 24 Hybrid Plus deftly synchronises photovoltaic power, battery storage, and grid connectivity, enabling a harmonious energy flow throughout your system.
Evolved backup power functionality:

The epitome of resilience, the Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid model introduces an advanced backup power solution, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply during blackouts and instilling unprecedented confidence in owners as a result.
Intelligent energy management:

GEN 24 Hybrid Plus showcases unrivalled energy management, intelligently distributing power between consumption, storage, and grid, optimising self-sufficiency.
Future-proofed operation:

Designed for tomorrow's energy needs, the GEN 24 Hybrid Plus welcomes upgrades with open arms, offering seamless compatibility with connected battery storage systems.

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Fronius Primo GEN 24 Plus Hybrid Solar Inverter.


5 + 5 year warranty


Single Phase


Sizes 3.0 to 10.0kW


Battery Connection

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