Fronius Primo GEN 24 Solar Inverter Melbourne

Trusted European technology backed by 30 years of energy-efficient innovation!

Discover why Fronius solar inverters are the choice of savvy solar enthusiasts everywhere.

Offering unwavering commitment to quality, intelligence and energy-efficient design, Uncommon Solar is proud to introduce the Fronius Primo GEN 24 Solar Inverter Melbourne homeowners love. To learn more, call Uncommon Solar’s experienced solar team today on 1300 414 012.

Fronius: your reliable solar partner of more than three decades experience.

Fronius Solar Energy stands tall as an exemplar of innovation and dedication in the realm of global clean energy solutions.

Rooted in a legacy of excellence since its inception, Fronius embodies a profound, unshakable commitment to shaping the future of energy consumption across the world. With a proud history of trusted European technological innovation, Fronius continues to make strides as a vanguard of cutting-edge solar technology and energy efficiency solutions.

What sets Fronius apart from its competitors is an unflappable commitment to quality and sustainability above all else. The company’s vast range of intelligent, boundary-pushing solar and solar inverter solutions epitomise precision engineering, reliability, and seamless integration with a vast range of systems.

What’s more, the outstanding range of Fronius solar inverters stands as a testament to the company’s exceptional craftsmanship, offering peak performance and efficiency to all.

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Fronius Primo GEN 24 Solar Inverter Installer

Why choose Fronius Primo GEN 24 solar inverters ?

At Uncommon Solar, we stock and install only the most trusted in global solar technologies. As such, we’re proud to recommend the Fronius Primo GEN 24 Solar Inverter – an extraordinary example of what sets Fronius apart from its competitors.

Here’s what makes Fronius solar inverters the choice of homeowners and business owners across Melbourne:

Adaptive flexibility in design:

The Primo Gen 24 hallmark lies in its adaptable design, catering to changing energy needs with its seamless integration of photovoltaic power, battery storage, and backup capability.
Dynamic energy management:

The Fronius Primo Gen 24 orchestrates energy flow with finesse, optimising self-consumption and smartly balancing excess power, reducing reliance on external sources.
Ultra-responsive performance:

With its high-speed maximum power point tracking, Gen 24 maximises energy extraction, enhancing overall system efficiency.
Visionary connectivity:

The Gen 24 interface brings intelligence to the forefront, enabling users to remotely monitor and control their energy ecosystem, fostering unprecedented control.
Quality craftsmanship:

Built on a foundation of precision engineering excellence, the Primo Gen 24 solar inverter radiates reliability, ensuring consistent and enduring performance in varying conditions.

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Fronius Primo GEN 24 Solar Inverter.


5 + 5 year warranty


Single Phase


Sizes 3.0 to 6.0kW


WLAN and energy management features

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