Green Giants Unite: Reclaim Energy and Panasonic Transform Hot Water Heating.

In an exciting leap forward for sustainable home solutions, Reclaim Energy has joined forces with Panasonic, bringing together decades of expertise and a shared passion for innovation. This powerhouse partnership is setting new standards in the hot water heat pump market, proving that sustainability and advanced technology can go hand in hand.

Reclaim Heat Pump

Panasonic’s Green Impact Initiative: Leading with Eco-Conscious Manufacturing – Deep in the heart of Kyoto, Japan, Panasonic’s factory stands as a monument to sustainable manufacturing. Achieving zero CO2 emissions, this facility isn’t just about producing quality products; it’s a testament to Panasonic’s dedication to the planet. With energy-efficient systems and sophisticated recycling processes, it serves as a beacon of environmental stewardship, inspiring industries worldwide.

Reclaim Energy: Crafting Tomorrow’s Solutions Today – At Reclaim Energy, innovation is in their DNA. They don’t just follow market trends; they anticipate and shape them. The Reclaim CO2 Heat Pump is a prime example—engineered to tap into the latest air source heat pump technology, it uses an eco-friendly CO₂ refrigerant to efficiently heat water, dramatically reducing energy use and carbon footprints.

Awards and Honors: Celebrating Our Journey of Innovation – Reclaim Energy’s commitment to pushing boundaries hasn’t gone unnoticed. With accolades like the Australian Business Awards for Sustainability and nods from Climate Control News HVACR Leadership Awards, it’s clear that their efforts are making waves. And with their systems already being shortlisted for 2024 awards, their journey towards excellence continues.

Together, We’re Building a Greener Tomorrow – This collaboration between Reclaim Energy and Panasonic is more than just business—it’s a mission. It’s Reclaim Energy’s first venture with Panasonic outside of Japan, blending the best of technology with eco-friendly designs to craft solutions that care for the earth. As pioneers in the industry, they are not just creating products; they’re nurturing a vision for a sustainable future, one innovative step at a time.

Join us and Reclaim Energy on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate, inspire, and implement solutions that benefit not just our homes, but our global community. Together, let’s make sustainability a standard, not an option.