Sunpower Maxeon 7 Melbourne

Extraordinary efficiency backed by an industry-best 40-year warranty.

SunPower’s range of solar PV panels deliver the ultimate across every measure of performance.

It doesn’t get better than SunPower panels, offering extraordinary efficiency, beautiful aesthetics and design-led thinking. Learn more about the Sunpower Maxeon 7 Melbourne technology and give our result drive Uncommon Solar team a call today on 1300 414 012.

There are countless benefits to choosing SunPower Maxeon solar panels.

SunPower has emerged as a global solar frontrunner, propelled by the company’s enduring commitment to revolutionising the way we generate, store and export solar energy.

With a long and pioneering history of technological innovation throughout all branches of solar, SunPower’s philosophy revolves around pushing the boundaries of accessible solar power generation, making the lives of its customers effortless as a result.

By integrating core values of meticulous craftsmanship, longevity and durability and an exceptional eye for design, SunPower creates vastly intelligent solar solutions that not only fulfil energy needs but transcend our understanding of what is possible across the areas of both residential and commercial solar applications.

SunPower empowers individuals and businesses to confidently embrace an all-electric future by offering industry-best 40-year warranties on its Maxeon solar panel products – a huge win for homeowners and business-owners alike.

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Sunpower Maxeon 7 Melbourne

SunPower Maxeon 7 Installer

Why choose SunPower Maxeon 7 solar panels?

With years of expertise in the solar industry, we understand what high-quality installation looks, feels and sounds like.

As a trusted Sunpower Maxeon 7 Installer, we’re here to ensure your high-quality solar products are installed to the same degree of skill you’d expect from the manufacturer itself.

Here’s why our customers are opting for SunPower Maxeon 7 solar panels:

Enhanced efficiency:

SunPower’s range of Maxeon model solar panels excel with superior efficiency and innovative cell technology, outperforming conventional solar panels.
Long, industry-leading warranty:

Maxeon 7 panels come with a 40-year comprehensive warranty, the best in the business.
Built for tough conditions

Specifically designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, SunPower Maxeon 7 solar panels feature a robust design, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring long-term performance.
Great performance in low-light conditions:

Maxeon 7 technology utilises unique cell architecture to minimise energy loss due to shading, soiling, or degradation. These panels exhibit remarkable low-light performance, capturing more energy even in conditions with challenging lighting.
Strong temperature resilience:

With a lower temperature coefficient, Maxeon 7 panels maintain efficiency even in high-temperature environments.
Sustainability assurance:

SunPower Maxeon 7 solar PV panels are backed by SunPower's commitment to sustainability, ensuring environmentally responsible energy solutions.

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Sunpower Maxeon 7.


40 year warranty


Uncompromising durability


More lifetime energy

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