Sunpower Performance 7 Melbourne

Upgraded warranties and the latest design features and technology.

SunPower Performance 7 solar panels deliver maximum power output and durability for all your energy needs.

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A giant leap forward in innovation from the world’s number 1 manufacturer.

SunPower Performance 7 panels epitomize excellence, delivering unparalleled efficiency and durability in solar system installations.

Engineered with advanced technology, they boast industry-leading performance, maximising energy production whilst minimising space requirements. These panels are designed to thrive in diverse environments, ensuring reliable power generation for your home or business.

With SunPower Performance 7, you not only embrace sustainable energy but also future-proof your investment with top quality and performance. Experience the difference of SunPower Performance 7 panels and elevate your energy potential to new heights.

As you explore solar solutions, SunPower offer unmatched value. While prices may vary based on system size and installation specifics, investing in SunPower Solar Panels ensures long-term savings through enhanced efficiency and durability. Contact us today to learn more about pricing and how SunPower Performance 7 can benefit you.

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Sunpower Performance 7 Melbourne Installation

SunPower Performance 7 Installer

Choosing SunPower Performance 7 solar panels?

Being an Elite SunPower Performance 7 Installer in Melbourne and across the state, we’re dedicated to delivering enduring solar solutions. With our expertise, harness the full potential of SunPower Performance 7 panels, ensuring optimal performance and durability for your energy needs.

SunPower Performance 7 solar panels. Performance has evolved:

Shingled, One-Third Cut Cell Design:

N-type TOPCon Solar Cells. This cutting-edge technology is the next evolution of the solar industry with its high efficiency and solar production specifications .
Shade Management:

Smaller one-third cut cells improve shade tolerance over standard solar. Think of smaller cells as independent workers. If one gets shaded, the others keep working hard, so the whole panel doesn't suffer as much. Plus, there's less chance of burning hotspots from shade.
Flexible Joint Cell Interconnect:

The metal wires seen on Performance 7 solar panels connect each overlapping shingled cell. Forming strong but flexible cell interconnect mitigating ribbon failure and cell cracking caused by thermal cycling or excessive movement.
High Quality Materials and Construction:

SunPower's POE encapsulant excels in protecting solar panels with its superior durability and weatherproofing, double-layered glass construction 25% thicker than the competition.
Bifacial Generation:

Strong bifacial capability of the SunPower TOPCon cells used, doubles the harvest surface area, maximising light capture, potentially increasing overall system output.
Comprehensive Warranty:

SunPower Performance 7 panels also account for the repair, replacement or refund of any defective panel for 30 years, with removal, shipping and installation included in applicable countries.

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Sunpower Performance 7.


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