Go Local, Go Green: Why Your Next Solar Installation Should Be A Hometown Hero.

Embarking on your solar journey is an exciting step towards a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. But who you choose to guide you through this transformation can greatly enhance your experience. Here’s a heartfelt look at why choosing a local solar installer isn’t just a good decision—it’s a deeply impactful one that enriches your home, your community, and the environment.

Solar Installation

Custom Solar Solutions Just for You

Local Insights for Maximum Efficiency: Your neighborhood has its unique climate and environmental characteristics, and no one understands these better than a local installer. At Uncommon Solar we use this intimate knowledge to design a system that’s perfectly attuned to your area’s solar potential, ensuring you get the most efficient energy solution tailored specifically to your home.

A Personal Approach to Service: Local installers see clients as neighbors, not numbers. This means you get a level of care and attention that’s rare to find with larger companies. Whether it’s taking the time to answer all your questions or adjusting project timelines to suit your schedule, we are committed to making your solar transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Immediate Help is Always Nearby

Quick and Reliable Support: The proximity of local installers means help is always just a phone call and a short drive away. This closeness allows for quicker installations, swift responses to maintenance needs, and immediate assistance should any issues arise, minimizing any interruptions to your energy supply.

Real Relationships, Real Conversations: There’s something reassuring about face-to-face interactions, especially when making significant decisions about your home. We can come over, sit down with you, and discuss your energy goals and concerns in person, building a level of trust and understanding that’s hard to achieve otherwise.

Strengthening the Community Together

Supporting Local Jobs and Growth: When you choose a local installer like Uncommon Solar, you’re helping to create jobs right in your own backyard. This not only helps keep your community economically vibrant but also fosters a sense of shared progress and success.

Encouraging Local Business Diversity: A thriving local economy is rich in diverse businesses, and by choosing a local solar installer, you contribute to that diversity. This not only promotes innovation and competition but also ensures that your community remains a vibrant place to live.

Dependable Service You Can Trust

A Reputation Built on Trust and Quality: Local installers rely on their good reputation within the community to thrive. We are motivated to exceed your expectations because we know that in a community, news—good or bad—travels fast. We stand by our work with pride and are accountable to you and your neighbours.

A Lighter Carbon Footprint

Eco-Friendly on Multiple Levels: Choosing a local installer reduces the need for long-distance travel, significantly cutting down on carbon emissions. This local focus helps not only in making your home energy-efficient but also in keeping your community cleaner and greener. Kind of fitting don’t you think.

Building Lasting Relationships

A Long-Term Partnership: With a local installer, you’re not just getting a solar system; you’re building a long-term relationship. As your energy needs evolve or as new technologies emerge, we will be right there with you, ready to help your system grow and change with your family.


Opting for a local solar installer connects you with a partner who is invested in your happiness, your home’s efficiency, and your community’s wellbeing. It’s about much more than installing solar panels—it’s about creating lasting impacts and fostering relationships that extend beyond business. Anyone who knows us will attest to this. In the big picture, going local with your solar installation isn’t just a choice—it’s a powerful statement about your commitment to community and sustainability.