Solar Battery Storage Warragul

Power that keeps you up when the power’s down.

Secure leading Residential Solar Battery Storage Warragul residents can rely on for years to come. Reach out to Uncommon Solar’s friendly and experienced team today.

There’s power in
owning your energy.

As the preferred retailer for solar battery storage Warragul, we have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right battery storage for your home or business. At Uncommon Solar, we exclusively offer battery solutions that are sourced from the worlds leading brands, have a proven track record, and products that are a long lasting investment.

To find out how to protect your home from a power outage with seamless and reliable backup power, Call us now!

Tesla Powerwall 2 installed on a dark timber exterior

Grid independence?.
Yes Please!

We know the electricity grid is ageing technology and has never been less reliable. The climate also misbehaves from time to time and let’s not even get started with the increasing cost of living. Now is the perfect time to consider a switch to Solar Battery Storage Warragul.

We are beyond proud to have partnered with the very best battery brands in the market, and we know you’ll love them as much as we do. 

With generous solar rebates, and interest free loans on offer by both state and federal Australian governments, the choice to go solar is a no brainer.

Key benefits of solar battery storage :


Slash the cost
of those electricity bills

Increase the value
of your solar panels

Lower that
carbon footprint

Welcome to
grid independence!

Why choose
Uncommon Solar?

From the beginning we wanted to set our brand apart from the others. Solar can be intimidating, complicated and with an over-abundance of information, we asked ourselves how we can make the journey to energy independence simpler and less stressful.

As a certified SunPower Elite Partner, Enphase Platinum Installer, Tesla Certified Installer you know that you’re choosing the best in the business.


Our team come with decades of highly regarded knowledge and experience in the Solar industry


We exclusively offer the highest quality products, installed by our highly sought-after accredited installers

Customer Service.

We are at the top of our game with our exceptional service, and you’ll love the way we do things differently.

Solar Batteries Warragul

Is a solar battery right for me?

Believe it or not, batteries are not always the best option for everyone. At Uncommon Solar, we carefully assess your individual needs and will let you know our best recommendation. In some cases the numbers may not stack up, or perhaps a battery just isn’t your best solution. We are straight shooters, and our goal is to empower you with confidence in your decisions.

One thing we know for sure, if a battery is right for you, we’ve got you covered! Energy reliability and flexibility, solar batteries Warragul is where it’s at.

Do blackouts
feature in your area?
What is your average
monthly/quarterly electricity cost?
What is your household
energy usage?
Looking to transition
to an electric vehicle?
Do you have a low feed in
tariff, but would rather use the energy you already produce?

Confused? Let us help.

Get on board with Solar Batteries Warragul Contact us today to discuss your options.

Like what you see?

Interested in solar battery installation? Contact our knowledgeable team at Uncommon Solar for expert advice and tailored solutions.

We’ll guide you through the benefits and options to enhance your energy efficiency. Reach out today to power your home with clean, renewable energy!

Solar With Battery Storage

Recharge with clean energy.

Tesla Powerwall.


Powerwall is a battery that stores energy, detects outages and automatically becomes your home's energy source when the grid goes down.


With the Tesla app, you can monitor your home’s energy production and consumption in real time. 


With easy installation, it makes solar with battery storage a breeze. Minimalist design, Powerwall complements a variety of home styles. The compact, all-in-one construction features versatile mounting options for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Enphase IQ Solar Battery.


Perfectly complimented solar with battery storage in one eco system.


Enphase IQ Batteries are covered by a 15-year limited warranty up to 6,000 cycles.


Enphase IQ Batteries operate with low-voltage DC power, avoiding the dangers that come with high-voltage DC power.

Sonnen Solar Battery.


Experience cutting-edge European aesthetics and
technology backed by reliable local manufacturing in South Australia


A long-term solution requires long term protection, so safeguard
your investment with Sonnen's 10-year battery warranty


Enjoy the added benefit of membership
to Sonnen's own energy-sharing network

Tesla Model Y charging at home

Don’t just take our word for it.

Kym Coote
Kym Coote
Great service always will to assistant
Stephen Gilbert
Stephen Gilbert
I've had a great experience with Matt and Helen from Uncommon Solar! Great value and excellent customer service, but I've most appreciated the quality of the finish and attention to detail. I would recommend Uncommon Solar for solar and battery installs.
Paul Schubert
Paul Schubert
Highly responsive and very knowledgeable, Matt provided excellent service at a very good price.
Helen Stafford
Helen Stafford
Our long term goal of green energy hit a major hurdle when the company we went with, went under, taking our deposit with it. With the Administrators advising we would get .022 cents in the dollar, our return on investment would be $220. Enter, Uncommon Solar. Matt and Helen were able to use their vast industry contacts and, through good will, negotiated to fulfil our original orders. During this process they were able to enlist suppliers and trades at a better price than our other contract, thus recovering a large percentage of our losses. All trades attended on time, were always professional and completed works quickly and to a very high standard. Matt and Helen have continued contact since the finalisation of the install, providing ongoing service and advice. We highly recommend Uncommon Solar to anyone . Tony Stafford St Andrews Victoria
Michael Briggs-Miller
Michael Briggs-Miller
Awesome experience with Matt over many years with all things energy. Great support with our Enphase Microinverter system, adding more panels, adding a battery, and communicating at all times. Never pushing for a sale, just wanting the best for me. Highly recommend.
Brendan King
Brendan King
After a site visit and expert consulting, Uncommon solar recommended and installed a high end solar and package, that will last my lifetime. With 40 years warranty on the panels and 25 years on the inverters we shouldn’t need to worry about performance. With constant communication and advice, the installation occurred without a drama, and the team answered every issue I had. Now that the base system is installed, I can expand with the future goal of being totally off grid in the future. The base system will be able to support us during short term blackouts which occur regularly in our area. Friends recommended Uncommon solar to me and I will be recommending them to others. Thanks again.
Da Ja
Da Ja
Good prices, great customer service, very helpful scheduling and excellent work to boot – what more could you ask for? Highly recommended
Rob Charles
Rob Charles
So pleased I chose Uncommon Solar for my new Tesla Powerwall purchase. Great pricing and clear on features and suitablility at our home. The installers were fantastic also. We even had full blackout coverage during the recent storms- our only sign that the grid had gone down was the sound of the neighbours' generators firing up- we had seemless power, not even a flashing clock display. We even had the bonus of having our solar continue to work and recharge the battery during the day! Thanks guys, will recommend far and wide.
Sam Sprie
Sam Sprie
These guys were fantastic from initial contact. Their team were incredibly helpful and quick to design us a high-quality system to meet our needs as a growing family. Would recommend this business to anyone, very easy to deal with, and more than happy to go above and beyond your expectations!