REC Solar Panels Warragul

Bring Home REC Solar Panels for Sustainable Energy!

REC’s combination of product quality, company reliability, and commitment to sustainability matched with Uncommon Solar makes us the ideal partner for your REC solar panels Warragul investment.

REC Group: Pioneering a Brighter Future in Solar Energy.

REC Group, a trailblazer in the solar panel industry, calls Norway its home. Since its inception in 1996, REC has been on a mission to develop innovative solar solutions that address the world’s energy challenges. Want to know more about REC Solar Panels Warragul? Call our friendly team today!
REC Alpha Pure RX

Maximum Performance, and state-of-the-art technology.

With a 25-year linear power output warranty, you can rest assured that your solar panels will provide consistent performance for many years.

REC’s commitment to solar innovation shines through in three main areas:

Eco-Friendly Practices:

REC is dedicated to shrinking its environmental footprint, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable practices throughout its operations..
Top-Notch Quality Assurance:

REC Group takes pride in its thorough quality assurance program, guaranteeing that all products consistently meet or exceed the highest industry standards.
Customer-Centric Focus:

REC deeply values customer satisfaction and collaborates closely with partners and clients to understand their needs and deliver solutions that exceed their expectations.

Confused? Let us help.

Lower your energy bills and solar system costs while improving your return on investment with REC’s higher efficiency and higher power solar panels by partnering with Uncommon Solar.

Why choose
Uncommon Solar?

From the beginning we wanted to set our brand apart from the others. Solar can be intimidating, complicated and with an over-abundance of information, we asked ourselves how we can make the journey to energy independence simpler and less stressful.

As a certified SunPower Elite Partner, Enphase Platinum Installer, Tesla Certified Installer you know that you’re choosing the best in the business.


Our team come with decades of highly regarded knowledge and experience in the Solar industry


We exclusively offer the highest quality products, installed by our highly sought-after accredited installers

Customer Service.

We are at the top of our game with our exceptional service, and you’ll love the way we do things differently.

REC Solar Panels Price

What can i expect to pay for an REC solar system?

The REC solar panels price is determined by a variety of important factors, including:

  • The size and capacity of the system you choose
  • Applicable government rebates and incentives
  • The location and specific conditions of your installation site
  • The quality and efficiency of the solar panels and other component

REC solar panels are often viewed as a budget-friendly choice for individuals seeking top-notch, efficient panels without breaking the bank. They strike a fine balance between cost and quality, which makes them appealing for those looking to optimize their return on investment.

When considering solar products, consulting with a knowledgeable, certified retailer like Uncommon Solar is the way to go. We can provide you with a comprehensive quote that stays true throughout your journey to adopting solar energy.
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REC Alpha Pure RX Solar Panel.


25 year product warranty


Higher power density


Lead Free

REC Twin Peak 5 Solar Panel.


Pioneering panel designs


More performance in shaded conditions


More cost efficient


Upgrading or adding
onto your existing system? .

At Uncommon Solar, we pride ourselves on our versatility and comprehensive service offerings including REC solar panel installation. If you already own a solar system, we are here to enhance and maximize its efficiency and output. 

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing panels, replace them with more advanced technology, or expand your system to increase capacity, we have all the options available to meet your needs. 

Interested in exploring the benefits of a REC Solar Panel installation? Our experts are on hand to guide you through the process and provide detailed insights into how REC's state-of-the-art solar solutions can benefit your home or business. Reach out to us to learn more and take the next step in optimizing your solar energy setup.