Uncommon Solar: A New Dawn in Solar Energy.

In the world of solar energy, it’s rare to come across a story as unique as ours at Uncommon Solar. Our journey is not just about transition; it’s about transformation and taking bold steps when they’re needed the most.

Our adventure began under unexpected circumstances. Matt and I, with a combined experience of over 15 years, were part of G Store – one of Melbourne’s leading solar companies. However, our path took an unexpected turn when G Store suddenly went into administration. Almost overnight, our team found themselves without jobs, and our customers faced the risk of losing their deposits.

But the story didn’t end there. In the midst of this upheaval, our phones started ringing off the hook. Calls from concerned customers, dedicated installers, and supportive colleagues poured in. It became crystal clear that stepping up was not just an option – it was our responsibility. Our mission was straightforward yet ambitious: safeguard our customers’ investments, keep our installers working, and provide a stable pathway forward for our team.

By the time G Store was officially liquidated, we had already mobilized an incredible level of support from our network of suppliers. This crucial backing enabled us to keep deploying solar systems with minimal financial impact on the affected customers and maintain active employment for some of our team. It was a monumental effort to not only keep the ship afloat but also steer it in a new direction.

Fueled by determination, Uncommon Solar was born. Why ‘Uncommon’? Because everything about our journey has been just that:

  • It’s uncommon for a new business to rise from the remnants of another’s downfall, openly sharing our story – raw and unfiltered.
  • It’s uncommon in this industry to prioritize integrity over profit. We could easily compromise on quality, but our commitment to offering only the best systems remains unwavering.
  • It’s uncommon to receive such overwhelming support from every corner of our network – installers, customers, suppliers, and industry experts. This kind of support is a rarity, and it fuels our drive to succeed.

We are not just starting another solar company; we are redefining how business should be done in the renewable energy sector. Our deep connections within the community and our comprehensive knowledge of the industry are the bedrock of our confidence. The numerous referrals and personal recommendations we’ve gathered over the years speak volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Rest assured, our team, comprising some of the same familiar faces and expert installers you’ve come to know and trust, is here to bridge the gap. Having once built a successful operation under someone else’s banner, we’re now carving out our future on our own terms.

Welcome to Uncommon Solar—where we don’t just handle change, we create it.